Welcome to IRMV Lab

The Intelligent Robotics and Machine Vision (IRMV) Lab aims to achieve general robotic automation and machine intelligence through visual perception under challenging unstructured environments. IRMV Lab is part of Autonomous Robot Lab, Department of Automation in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Our team consists of a group of active members and our current research involves many fields of robotics, including visual servoing, autonomous driving, soft robot, UAVs, medical robot, multi-agent control and reinforcement learning. More research details can be found HERE. We also work closely with T Stone Robotics Institute at CUHK, Hong Kong.

We are looking for self-motivated new faculty members, Postdocs, PhD students, and Master students to join our team (more info) !


Aug. 20, 2021

New paper accepted to TIM. Congratulations to Guangming!

July 1, 2021

Three new papers accepted to IROS 2021. Congratulations!

June 29, 2021

New paper accepted to Soft Robotics. Congratulations to Fan!

May. 17, 2021

New paper accepted to TIP. Congratulations to Guangming and Xinrui!

May. 17, 2021

New paper accepted to IEEE/CAA JAS. Congratulations to Fan!

Apr. 10, 2021

New paper accepted to TCYB. Congratulations to Kai!

Mar. 30, 2021

New paper accepted to Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Congratulations to Adeel!

Feb. 28, 2021

New paper accepted to CVPR 2021. Big congratulations to Guangming and Xinrui!

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